Our Business Rates Services Fees

No recovery, no fee

It’s that simple. We earn our fees purely by delivering successful results, taking an agreed percentage of any costs which we save or recover on your behalf.*

This means two things:

  1. There’s no risk to you
    Should you choose to take on our services, you will only be paying us a fee if we are successful…there’s no way you’ll lose money on the deal.
  2. We won’t waste your time
    Because we don’t want to waste our own! If we don’t believe there’s a genuine opportunity to recover or save you costs, then we won’t proceed any further.

It usually only takes a two minute telephone conversation for us to ascertain whether there’s a case for moving forward with a potential client. What have you got to lose?

Call us today on 020 8429 5959 to start the conversation.

Rent Review & Lease Renewal Services Fees

Fees are typically based on 10% of the passing rent, subject to a minimum fee, subject to VAT.
Incentive fee bases can also be considered.

* In some circumstances, fixed fees or hourly rates may be more applicable. We always set out a fee basis in writing before commencing an instruction.